June was born and raised in the North Shore of Chicago. She attended Northwestern University and got her teeth cut directing student films (including one Student Emmy). After graduation, she headed to Los Angeles to start her career working on music videos and commercials.

An avid music lover, she would attend Coachella every year while she lived in Southern California. One magical year, she met her future husband, and immediately put him in the friend zone. They planned many meetups via festivals and shows and by the time she made her way up to Decibel Festival in Seattle; she proposed to her husband.

As a film producer and perpetual bridesmaid, June definitely knew how to pull off the event, but she didn’t know how much she loved wedding videos until she created own. After having her friends shoot the event and collaborating in the edit, she created a perfect memento of her big day (as of today, she has yet to put her wedding photo album together). Whenever she gets nostalgic, she hits play and watches it.

Wedding at 29 Palms

When the honeymoon was over, she found herself pregnant in Seattle and decided to return to her roots: behind the camera. June is currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Brandon, and her awesome daughter, Audrey.

Although her day job is working on branded content and commercials for advertising agencies, she loves shooting fundraising videos for non-profits, mini-docs, and social media content. June LOVES to shoot weddings. The details, the people, the emotions….because every story is different.

For more information, please inquire at (206) 395-4773 or email me : contact [at] june-films [dot] com